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Industry Expertise

With a decade of experience and over 1M Wave Glider nautical miles to-date, you can count on us.

  • In depth knowledge of ocean conditions, including currents, water chemistry, and bathymetry
  • Silicon Valley engineering: Mechanical, electrical, communications, and software
  • Experience mitigating navigational hazards, vessel traffic, and the variety of political requirements
  • Database of hydrographic information and real-time data applied to guide for mission success
  • Tools to ensure effective mission enablement and support
  • Logistics for on-budget, on-time completion
  • Project management focus

Customer Support Services

Some of our customers seek to achieve high self-sufficiency. Others look to us to assume and run their missions. Whatever your needs, we’ll bring a full complement of services to achieve your objectives.

  • Mission planning
  • Launch and recovery
  • Piloting and data delivery
  • 24×7 global customer support
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Training
  • Developer engineering support

Wave Glider SV2 End of Life Information

In early 2015 the Wave Glider SV2 was replaced by the Wave Glider SV3. Stay informed on important dates as we phase out service and parts for the SV2.