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With You Every Step of the Way

Mission Planning

Let’s create a plan and Operational Risk Assessment to achieve your mission goals and objectives

Pre-Mission Field Operations

We offer various mobilization services to get your Wave Glider(s) in the water

Mission Operations

Piloting, operational updates, data reporting, and more, we’ve got you covered we’ll handle it

Post-Mission Field Operations

We can support you during recovery and demobilization of your Wave Glider(s)


Learn how to operate, customize, and maintain your Wave Glider(s)

24/7/365 Support

Have an issue? We’re here to help

Get Ready

Let us partner with you on a plan for mission success.

Our Advantage: The Operational Risk Assessment

In an operational risk assessment, we simulate your exact mission to determine the likelihood of success and identify expected risks.

Our simulation considers:

  • Mission details including location, dates, and Wave Glider data requirements
  • Raw data from regional and global models including surface currents, waves, wind, solar insolation, sea ice, and temperatures
  • Wave Glider data from extensive performance characterization in various sea states and configurations

After reviewing the mission simulation results, we tailor the plan to mitigate those risks and maximize the likelihood of mission success.

We Are on a Mission

From launch and recovery, to piloting and reporting, we can help ensure safety and success every step of the way.

Learn from Our Experts

In our Operator and Maintenance Trainings you will learn in hands-on sessions how to operate, customize, and maintain your Wave Glider. From shoreside operations and maintenance to assembly, launch, and recovery, our skilled team of trainers will share all tips and tricks. The trainings are offered at our Hawaiʻi Marine Operations Center or at your location of choice.