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Liquid Robotics was founded by researchers who wanted to find a reliable and persistent way to monitor humpback whales. After the existing methods and tools fell short, the Wave Glider was invented. Ever since, ocean research has been woven into every strand of what we do; even as we’ve expanded into other industries.

To continue our commitment to the research community, we offer an open integration platform, access to a robust community of users, and discounted pricing on Wave Gliders to non-profit research institutions and universities through the Wave Gliders for Researchers Program.

Wave Glider Researchers Community

The Wave Glider researcher community is united by a desire to push the boundaries of research and sciences through the use of our robotic platform. It is a diverse and global group of experts who seek to discuss or learn about existing and potential Wave Glider applications.

The community is open to existing Wave Glider customers and provides a forum for product feedback, sharing experiences, and connecting with Liquid Robotics experts.

Resources available to this community include:

Interface control, APIs, CAD files, and more

Online training videos on Wave Glider integration methods

Get the latest on changes in the firmware, software, and mechanical design

Publications and Papers
View and share publications highlighting Wave Glider applications and research

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The Right Platform for Cost Effective Ocean Research

Integrate Custom Sensors

With a modular payload design, energy harvesting power system (avg. 5-20W continuous power), and multiple sensor placement options the Wave Glider can support a wide rang of sensors (as well as towing).

Coordinated Operations

Use the Wave Glider as a mothership to act as the communications interface between shore/vessel operations and other underwater, surface, and air assets.

Multi-Purpose Sensor Hosting Platform

From acidification to zooplankton, and everything in between, the Wave Glider can be re-configured to support a range of sensors and missions.

Our work with Wave Gliders as communications gateways achieves a long-sought goal of collecting near-realtime seismic and other observables from the deep ocean floor. Implementing a system with this transformative technology is now a practical and affordable matter.”

–Dr. Jon Berger,
UCSD Scripps

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