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Speaking Engagements

SMI Maritime Information Warfare 2017
December 6 - 7, 2017
London, UK

9:50am – Admiral Sir George Zambellas on “There Seems To Be Something Wrong With Our Bloody Data Today” The data conundrum: getting politicians to invest in the boring stuff

  • Why military data exploitation is so hard to progress in minds of politicians, the military and the public.
  • Why data will revolutionise all domains, including the maritime – away from platform-based values to information-based values in warfare
  • The inevitable rise of AI and autonomous systems in conflict and peace

11:40am – Daniel J. Middleton – Advantage of Autonomous Systems for ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) Applications

  • Advantages of using Autonomous Systems for ASW for increased situational awareness and early warning
  • Force multiplier to traditional manned systems for increased operational efficiencies
  • ASW as a Service – real-time information delivery to the warfighter