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Real-time seismic monitoring can help improve our ability to predict tsunamis. But historically, deep ocean seismic observations have been sparse due to the high cost, risk, and difficulty in collecting data from subsea sensors. That’s where Wave Gliders come in.

The Wave Glider is an unmanned surface vehicle that can act as a communications gateway for subsea sensors, making real-time seismic telemetry possible. It can address challenges across the lifecycle of systems design—from initial deployment to real-time monitoring and system availability.

The Wave Glider can fulfill different roles in a system architecture including:

  • Towing (subsea sensor deployment)
  • Data harvesting
  • Real-time monitoring and data transfer
  • System availability and maintenance

Beyond seismic monitoring and tsunami warnings, Wave Gliders act as communications gateways for subsea sensor data across a range of applications, including:


A Better Way to Harvest Data From Subsea Sensors