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Applications for Offshore Energy

Metocean Monitoring
Communications Gateway
Hydrocarbon Monitoring

Metocean Monitoring

Get the fine-scale, metocean data you need—weather, wave height, wind speed, currents, and more—for safer, more cost-effective offshore operations.

Learn how Wave Gliders are helping to increase the quantity, quality, and timeliness of metocean data.

Wave Glider for metocean monitoring

Communications Gateway

Pulling data out of the ocean doesn’t always require cables or buoys. Wave Gliders provide a mobile and persistent platform that can both harvest subsea data and communicate in real-time with underwater vehicles and systems.

See how the Wave Glider relays information from underwater back to shore.

Wave Glider as communications gateway for offshore operations

Hydrocarbon Monitoring

Wave Gliders can detect the presence of hydrocarbons at the water’s surface and have completed successful missions helping with oil spill response efforts.

See how Wave Gliders not only reduce the cost of seismic surveys but also cost-effectively monitor the environmental impact of oil fields.

Wave Glider for hydrocarbon monitoring