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Industry Expertise

With a decade of experience and over 1M Wave Glider nautical miles to-date, you can count on us.

  • In depth knowledge of ocean conditions, including currents, water chemistry, and bathymetry
  • Silicon Valley engineering: Mechanical, electrical, communications, and software
  • Experience mitigating navigational hazards, vessel traffic, and the variety of political requirements
  • Database of hydrographic information and real-time data applied to guide for mission success
  • Tools to ensure effective mission enablement and support
  • Logistics for on-budget, on-time completion
  • Project management focus

Customer Support Services

Some of our customers seek to achieve high self-sufficiency. Others look to us to assume and run their missions. Whatever your needs, we’ll bring a full complement of services to achieve your objectives.

  • Mission planning
  • Launch and recovery
  • Piloting and data delivery
  • 24×7 global customer support
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Training
  • Developer engineering support