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Liquid Robotics named finalist in The Economist Events’ Ocean Innovation Challenge

SUNNYVALE, CA , May 11, 2015

Liquid Robotics, Inc., a pioneer of unmanned ocean robots, was named by The Economist Events as one of three finalists in the Ocean Innovation Challenge, part of the World Ocean Summit, for the Wave Glider, the first wave powered ocean robot. The Economist launched this competition to search for innovative technologies that will address the growing expansion by “governments and businesses to look to the oceans as a key source of source of economic growth, job creation and investment,” and do so sustainably without harm to the ocean. The Wave Glider’s unique ability to affordably collect ocean data, monitor the seas, do so without using fuel and without producing harmful emissions enable governments, businesses and scientists to gain insights never before possible or practical with conventional methods.

“On behalf of everyone at Liquid Robotics and our partners, we are honored to be named as a finalist for The Economist Events’ Ocean Innovation Challenge,” said Gary Gysin, President and CEO of Liquid Robotics. “To be selected as one of three most promising innovations for the Blue Economy by The Economist Events’ distinguished panel of judges reinforces the global impact the Wave Glider will have on ocean exploration and ocean business.”

Roger Hine, the inventor, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Liquid Robotics, will present on June 4th at the World Ocean Summit to more than 250 global leaders on the Wave Glider’s energy harvesting innovation and breakthrough applications for the defense, Oil & Gas and scientific markets.

“This presents a case for a product (Wave Glider) that could underpin an open source, global data mine of all things ocean – spurring regulatory, science & conservation and business markets to respond to create more effective policies, informed conservation strategies, and new business opportunities,” said Margot Kane, vice-president of strategy at Calvert Foundation and distinguished judge for The Economist World Ocean Innovation Challenge.

The other finalists named with Liquid Robotics are Eyes on the Seas and Rightship. Liquid Robotics applauds their work and all who are innovating for the Blue Economy. As part of the Liquid Robotics initiative to accelerate ocean innovation, last week the Company announced the Liquid Robotics Open Oceans Partner Program, a global technology program designed to foster and build an open oceans partner ecosystem. To learn more, visit:


About Liquid Robotics, Inc.

Liquid Robotics instruments the ocean with fleets of networked, wave-powered ocean robots, solving critical problems for our defense, oil & gas, commercial, and science customers. Our Wave Gliders are transforming ocean observation, making data collection and monitoring easier, safer, and more cost-effective.