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How Liquid Robotics Can Help

24×7 Long-Duration Operations

Station keeping or mobile data collection for up to 12 months with no fuel, emission, or crew

Scale Coverage Efficiently with Fleets

Expand surveillance and data collection capabilities for higher value missions

Real-Time Communications Gateway: Linking Seafloor To Space

Provides immediate situational awareness and accelerated decision making

Force Multiplier

Close surveillance coverage gaps and enable more effective use of ships, planes, and people

Proven At Sea

Over 1.4 million nautical miles traveled to with operations through doldrums, hurricanes/typhoons, and in high latitudes

Low Profile And Acoustically Silent

Ideal for patrol, surveillance and environmentally sensitive missions

Defense Applications


Our global and regional defense partners are building new solutions that bring unprecedented capabilities and value to naval and defense customers globally. The Wave Glider platform helps our partners build more robust solutions for:

Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW)

Expand detection capabilities for both littoral and deep-water environments and maximize ASW budgets. Wave Gliders can host and tow sensors and provide undersea connectivity to air and space assets, improving awareness and enabling tip and cue of manned assets.

Surface Vessel Detection

Long duration, low observability, and persistent acoustic surveillance with Wave Gliders can occur at scale and at stand-off range to enhance surface vessel detection, pattern analysis, and response tactics.


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