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How Liquid Robotics Can Help

24×7 Long-Duration Operations

Station keeping or mobile data collection for up to 12 months with no fuel, emission, or crew

Safer, More Cost-Effective Operations

Do more with less while keeping people out of harm’s way

Real-Time Communications Gateway: Linking Seafloor To Space

Provides immediate situational awareness and accelerated decision making

Force Multiplier

Close surveillance coverage gaps and enable more effective use of ships, planes, and people

Proven At Sea

Over 1.4 million nautical miles traveled with operations through doldrums, hurricanes/typhoons, and in high latitudes

Low Profile And Acoustically Silent

Ideal for patrol, surveillance and environmentally sensitive missions

A Disruptive Solution for Maritime Surveillance

The Wave Glider solves the cost and resource challenges facing maritime surveillance issues including border patrol, illegal fishing, drug and human trafficking, and the monitoring of marine protected areas (MPAs).

  • Deploy unmanned, autonomous fleets to detect vessels entering or operating in a monitored area.
  • Provide immediate alerts, and situational awareness. Collect historical data for pattern analysis.
  • Integrate unmanned operations with existing (surveillance and patrol) assets to act as a force multiplier.

Wave Glider Coverage Examples


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