Software to Accelerate the Future of
Unmanned Ocean Exploration

Software lies at the heart of Wave Glider. Our Mission Management Software enables unique data collection capabilities, multi-mission operations from a single console, and the flexibility to adapt vehicle missions to changing needs. It gives partners and customers distinct capabilities and supports the development of new solutions and integration with other third-party systems.

Intelligent Vehicle Software: Regulus

  • Autonomy and precise control
  • Detailed self-awareness and health monitoring
  • Customize payload and vehicle behavior

Command and Control Software: WGMS

  • Plan, monitor, pilot missions and manage data
  • Multi-user, multi-vehicle, and multi-mission
  • Real-time control and data access, anytime, anywhere


Regulus, the on-board operating environment for the Wave Glider, delivers insight and control to ensure successful missions and operations. It enables command and control of all Wave Glider functions including sensors. Regulus provides:

  • Autonomous operations and precise vehicle control
  • Detailed self-awareness and health monitoring
  • Customizable behavior (and communications) based upon payload design
  • Intricate logs of vehicle and component behavior for any necessary troubleshooting

Wave Glider Management System

The Wave Glider Management System (WGMS) facilitates mission planning, piloting, and vehicle health monitoring and provides access to both core vehicle and auxiliary sensor data. WGMS is delivered as a service and designed to be highly available and redundant.

Key features include:

  • Mission planning
  • One-pilot for multiple vehicles
  • Real-time management & control
  • Role/mission-based access

Mission Management Support and Service Delivery

Support and services provided with our Mission Management Software provide customers with 24x7x365 access to the Wave Glider Management System, data about missions and vehicles, and support resources. A secure and redundant data center infrastructure allows systems and data to be highly available.

These capabilities help customers:

  • Start fast: On-board new vehicles or pilots without any infrastructure investments
  • Stay current: Maintain the latest version of WGMS and the latest software for vehicles
  • Get expert help: Resolve problems or questions during the lifecycle of missions from planning to piloting to post-mission data access
  • Share data with confidence: Provide secure access to mission and sensor data without additional IT infrastructure investments