Flexible Design Supports Wide Range of Sensors and Payloads

The Wave Glider platform with integrated sensors allows our partners to deliver unique solutions to customers. The sensor and payload architecture design makes application development easier from testing, operations, to support. More importantly, it allows customers to scale a proven application across many Wave Gliders quickly.

Sensor and Payload Architecture Key Features

  • Powerful solar energy system: Support a wide range of sensor and mission needs
  • Modular and adaptable payload design: Accelerate sensor development, integration, and support with standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Sensor placement flexibility: Up to 5 locations to house payloads and sensors, including significant towing capability (up to 500kg)
  • Flexible and powerful on-board compute environment: Access data and results more quickly, process detailed sensor data in-situ, and send summary data over satellite

Both Liquid Robotics and our partners integrate and support sensors and payloads. Our Open Oceans Program gives developers, scientists, and companies the tools, information, and support needed to develop, test, and support new sensors and payloads.

Sensor locations diagram

Areas for sensor placement:

  1. Mast
  2. Float
  3. Below float
  4. Sub
  5. Towing

Liquid Robotics Integrated Sensors

Company Sensor Type (or Application) and Spec Sheet Location(s)
Airmar Weather Station
Weather Station 200WX w/o Humidity
Datawell Wave Height & Direction (GPS Motion Sensor)
Liquid Robotics Wave Height
Contact Liquid Robotics for additional information
Liquid Robotics Camera
Contact Liquid Robotics for additional information
Liquid Robotics BGAN Communications System
Download the spec sheet
Seabird CTD (conductivity, temperature, pressure)
Glider Payload CTD (GPCTD)
3, 4
Seabird CTDO (conductivity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen)
Glider Payload CTD + DO (GPCTD+DO)
3, 4
Teledyne Ocean Currents
Workhorse Monitor (WHM) 300kHz ADCP
Workhorse Monitor (WHM) 600kHz ADCP
Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Modem
Teledyne Benthos – ATM-903-LA2
Turner Fluorometry
Turner C3 – Refined fuels, Crude Oil, Chyl-A
Turner C3 – Crude Oil, Chyl-A, Turbidity
Turner C3 – Refined fuels, CDOM, Turbidity
Turner C3 – Chyl-A, Turbidity, CDOM
Ultra Electronics (USSI) Hydrophone: Passive Acoustic Sensor (PAS)
PAS Sensor
Vemco Acoustic Monitoring Receiver
Vemco VR2C (Cabled Receiver)
4, 5

Additional Sensor and Payload Development

Our partners, developers, and scientists integrate sensors and other payloads with the Wave Glider to create solutions. Our reseller partners can deliver complete solutions to customers and provide support for sensor integration they perform.

Learn more about our Technology Partner ecosystem.

Sensor Integration for Scientific Research

We have a dedicated ecosystem of scientific researchers who use the Wave Glider. A sample of this ecosystem includes includes:

If you are a researcher interested in using the Wave Glider, visit the Wave Glider for Researchers page.