Powered by nature, the Wave Glider® is the only proven unmanned surface robot for real-time ocean data collection and communications over long durations and in varying sea states. Sitting at the surface, the Wave Glider is the essential sea floor to space link creating a network to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Hurricanes navigated

Wave Gliders withstand the toughest conditions, time and time again, to complete our customers’ most critical missions.

Longest single mission (nm)

Powered by nature, Wave Gliders never need to refuel. They’re far cheaper than manned vessels—and far more capable than alternative technologies.

Total days at sea

Time tested. Ocean proven. Wave Gliders are the most experienced, autonomous surface vehicle in the ocean today.

Nautical miles traveled

From short to long duration missions, Wave Gliders have traveled the equivalent of 58x around the Earth.

Ocean measurements

Around the world—day and night—Wave Gliders collect real-time information to help our customers discover new insights and opportunities at sea.


Our world makes progress through the invention of simple, yet game-changing technologies. Liquid Robotics is one of these game-changers.”

– Dr. Marv Langston,
former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Deputy CIO, US DoD