Liquid Robotics Relocates Headquarters to Herndon, Virginia

Liquid Robotics Relocates Headquarters to Herndon, Virginia

Fiona Langenberger — February 28, 2022

Liquid Robotics, a Boeing Company, has relocated its corporate headquarters and production to Herndon, Virginia, joining Boeing’s existing facility. As a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Liquid Robotics will greatly benefit from the move, leveraging Boeing’s administrative, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities for its Wave Glider production.

“We are excited to welcome Liquid Robotics to Herndon. Our facility offers world-class standards in production and safety and will fully support Liquid Robotics’ goal to increase manufacturing efficiencies. Having a shared space will advance and facilitate knowledge exchanges for fully integrated product solutions,” said Ann Stevens, Senior Director of Maritime Undersea, Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

The Herndon facility expands the manufacturing footprint for Liquid Robotics, with scalable options to accommodate for growth in the future. Joint usage of production equipment and specialty tooling, engineering labs, and supply chain networks will enable optimized business processes and operations.

“The relocation to the East Coast is a tremendous opportunity for us to be located in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, allowing us to better access and serve our defense and commercial customers in the U.S. and internationally. Co-locating with Boeing creates synergies that will allow us to streamline our Wave Glider production, grow our operations, and strengthen our service offerings as a leader in long-duration ocean surface vehicles and maritime solutions. I am excited for the next chapter of growth that this move will kick off for us,” said Shane Goodenough, CEO of Liquid Robotics.

Liquid Robotics designs and manufactures the Wave Glider, the first wave and solar powered uncrewed surface vehicle. Founded as a tech start-up in Hawaiʻi in 2007, Liquid Robotics addressed a critical need to provide long-range ocean monitoring capabilities without the use of fossil fuels. In 2011, the company moved its headquarters to Sunnyvale, California, expanding its scope and size and tapping into the technical expertise of Silicon Valley. Throughout the past 15 years, the Wave Glider has significantly evolved, offering solutions for a wide variety of ocean monitoring applications, such as maritime surveillance, seafloor exploration, and environmental assessment. Liquid Robotics’ new headquarters and production in Herndon will continue to be complemented by the Hawaiʻi Marine Operations Center, which serves as the primary test and evaluation center for Wave Gliders and other marine instrumentation.