Our Culture: What Makes Us, Us

Our Culture: What Makes Us, Us

Sydney Williams — November 1, 2017

Our company values are the foundation of the culture here at Liquid Robotics. They reflect who we are, how we work, and why we’re here.

As we expand and welcome new people to the team, we wanted to make sure we had our values written down, to help us maintain our strong company culture. After interviewing employees from across the company, five key themes emerged from the feedback. We then turned those themes into words that sounded true to who we are. And to support them visually, we selected a marine creature as a “mascot” for each value.


These five values are what makes us, us.

Do Something Big

The humpback whale was a natural choice for Do Something Big. Beyond its size, it is a nod to our origin story, as the Wave Glider was initially designed to capture the singing of humpback whales.

We Boldly Go


For We Boldly Go, we chose the marlin. Majestic, capable of diving deep, and among the fastest fish in the ocean, the marlin captures the spirit of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ocean.

Whatever It Takes


For Whatever It Takes, we chose the flying fish, a marine creature that can do the unexpected. It literally goes “above and beyond,” as we seek to do for our customers.

Let's Do This


Let’s Do This is all about being nimble and decisive. The spinner dolphin is a highly acrobatic dolphin capable of spectacular jumps, flips, and spins, making it a fitting choice for this value.

Win as a Team


For Win as a Team, we chose a school of fish to represent how teamwork makes us more than the sum of our parts. Like the school, we are accountable to each other, and want to see each other succeed.


If this sounds like a culture you’d like to be a part of, check out the open positions on our Careers page.