Rapid Stand and Crate: The Most Efficient Way to Mobilize

Rapid Stand and Crate: The Most Efficient Way to Mobilize

Leigh Martin — September 25, 2019

Our recent announcement of the newest Wave Glider focused on the advancements to shoreside operations and in-water performance that enable customers to mobilize, deploy and operate fleets of vehicles more efficiently. Included in that announcement was the Rapid Stand and Crate System.

Simply put, the Rapid Stand and Crate System is the most efficient way to mobilize, transport, and deploy Wave Gliders. By eliminating the need to disassemble and reassemble transported vehicles, the system significantly reduces the time and expertise required to mobilize a Wave Glider.

The system consists of two key components — a new movable stand (Rapid Stand) and a crate (Rapid Crate) — for storage and transportation. For multi-vehicle deployments, the system reduces risk by enabling a simpler and more consistent mobilization process.

Let’s take a look:


Rapid Stand

The Rapid Stand supports maintenance, transportation, and launch of a vehicle. It consists of two parts: an aluminum saddle which holds the vehicle and is used for deployments; and a wheeled cart which holds the sub and can also hold a tow body and tow cable when properly equipped. A Wave Glider can be prepared for deployment on the stand in one location and then rolled into the Rapid Crate (excluding masts and half of the wings on the sub) for storage or deployment from a boat. Features include:

  • All-in-one design – Single stand supports maintenance, transportation, and launch
  • Rugged, aluminum enclosure – Better protects vehicle while on the deck of a boat and during transport
  • Single-point hoist from frame of stand – Easier, lower risk deployment, and less wear and tear on the Wave Glider
  • Lower center of gravity – Increase stability of vehicle during maintenance and deployment operations

Shipping and storing a near-fully assembled vehicle reduces deployment risks by maintaining all sensor connections and reduces wear and tear from opening and closing items associated with shipping, mobilization, and storing vehicles.


Rapid Crate

The Rapid Crate improves speed and reduces costs associated with the mobilization and demobilization of Wave Gliders. A near-fully assembled vehicle can be rolled out of the crate and deployed in as few as 20 minutes versus a typical 2-hour assembly time. The crate is weather resistant and designed to be usable for the life of a vehicle. Features include:

  • Stackable and collapsible – Maximize available space while on boats or land
  • Designed for maritime shipping containers – Simplifies maritime mobilization operations, lowers transport costs
  • Wide-body jet compatible – Enables rapid transport of near fully assembled systems

The Rapid Crate also has additional space for four battery packs and/or miscellaneous parts kits.

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