Video: The Digital Ocean

Video: The Digital Ocean

Becky Tanner — January 17, 2017

When you’re standing on the beach at the water’s edge, you don’t have to step in very far to feel the power of the ocean. At Liquid Robotics, this power—in addition to propelling our Wave Gliders around the world—inspires us every day.

We often hear that we know more about the surface of the Moon or Mars than we do about our own ocean. That the ocean is 71% of the Earth’s surface, but only 5% has been explored.

But we don’t always talk about what that means. What problems aren’t being solved—but could be. What economic opportunities are left uncovered.

When we talk about the Digital Ocean, we’re really talking about what’s possible when we explore, connect, and network the ocean. This video captures why we’re excited about the possibilities.


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