Video Playlist: What the Digital Ocean Is & Why it Matters

Video Playlist: What the Digital Ocean Is & Why it Matters

Leigh Martin — August 3, 2017

The Digital Ocean is bigger than one product or company. It’s a massive vision for what’s possible when we unite behind a shared purpose: to create a persistent network of sensors and devices from seafloor to space, giving us real-time access to ocean data. Around the clock, and around the world.

Here are five videos that help explain what the Digital Ocean is, and why it matters.

1. First, what are we talking about when we say Digital Ocean?

When we talk about the Digital Ocean, we’re really talking about what’s possible when we explore, connect, and network the ocean.


2. So why should we care?

We’re at a unique point in human history. We face an urgent sustainability challenge, but with technological advancements, we are also better positioned than ever before to address it.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted a set of 17 sustainable development goals, with goal 14 directly related to the oceans: “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.” If the eye-opening stats don’t make you care, then this gorgeous video will. Put together by the BBC to kick off The Ocean Conference this past June, it features some of the most beautiful ocean footage I’ve ever seen.


3. John Gage on Networking the Ocean

As one of the earliest employees at Sun Microsystems, John Gage coined the phrase, “The network is the computer.” It was only fitting that we turn to him for his perspective on the importance of networking the ocean, and how networks of unmanned systems will help us access the data needed to build solutions.


4. Ambassador Robert S. Gelbard on the Inflection Point

For a global perspective on the issues facing the ocean and the importance of an integrated, collaborative approach, we talked to Robert S. Gelbard, Ambassador (formerly to Indonesia). Drawing on his career in international diplomacy, he shares his growing optimism that we are approaching a meaningful inflection point in recognizing the ocean’s importance.


5. James Bellingham on Understanding the Ocean

James Bellingham is Founding Director of the Center for Marine Robotics at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. A pioneer in the development of high performance marine robots, James shares his perspective on the challenges of working in the ocean environment, and how unmanned systems are helping us overcome those obstacles and understand the ocean environment.


At Liquid Robotics, we believe the Digital Ocean is essential to the future of our planet. We have demonstrated that a completely connected environment is possible, but it’s only been done on a small scale. Our next challenge is to work together to scale these connections. If we can do that, we’ll be one step closer to realizing the full potential of the ocean economy.

Know a great example of the Digital Ocean in action? We’d love to hear it!