A Boeing Company

A Boeing Company

Gary Gysin — December 16, 2016

Earlier this month we announced Boeing’s intention to acquire our company. I am proud to say that we are now officially a subsidiary of Boeing within the Autonomous Systems Division. As we wrap up 2016 and approach our 10-year anniversary in early January, I have a tremendous sense of pride for our team, our mission, our accomplishments and for the journey ahead.

Our company is focused on designing the best ocean robot and mission experiences so we can help our customers and partners tackle really big problems. As leader of this great team, I get to be a part of these discussions and decisions on a day-to-day basis and I know how instrumental ocean robotics will be to all of our future.

People are curious about our acquisition and what it means for our customers and partners. Fortunately, the answers are simple because we aren’t changing who we are or what we do. We are still Liquid Robotics, and we are still supporting existing partners and customers in our four markets: Defense, Maritime Surveillance, Oil & Gas, and Science. We will remain in the Silicon Valley and continue to operate with our start-up mentality and agility.

As a subsidiary of Boeing, the greatest opportunity is our ability to do even bigger things together. Boeing brings a tremendous amount of credibility, proven experience, and know-how. They also have a big vision for the future and for the role of autonomous systems forming an integrated network from seafloor to space. Our Wave Glider platform and SHARC variant are an essential piece to making these systems come together. We are thrilled to start our next phase and the new year as members of the Boeing family.